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This section is intended for health professionals.

It is with great pride that I present our new, innovative and exclusive line of ViaZen Pharma therapeutic products. I formulated those products in collaboration with a team of highly qualified professionals.

Practicing naturopathy in private consultation myself, I was looking for therapeutic solutions that would be simple and easy to integrate in my clients’ everyday lives. ViaZen formulas take those needs into account and provide my clients with natural, exemplary quality health products for common health problems.

ViaZen formulas have been developed by taking into account the most recent scientific improvements in natural health product research. All of the active ingredients selected for the formulas contain therapeutic proprieties supported by scientific literature. I also can confirm the effectiveness of the medicinal substances integrated in the formulas, because I have used them with great success many times in my therapeutic protocol in clinical practice.

We have chosen to combine four active and complementary substances in only one formula to obtain an exemplary synergy with fast action and to ensure therapeutic effectiveness with added value. This synergy also takes into account “biochemical individuality” in supporting the body in the fulfilment of numerous physiological functions to meet the specific needs of each person. Therefore, these formulas are multifunctional solutions that can globally counter targeted disorders: by relieving symptoms that reduce the quality of life and by offering support to the body, helping it deal with health disorders.

The presence of normalized medicinal plant extracts ensures a high concentration of active ingredients and optimizes product efficiency. Minerals integrated in the formulas (zinc and magnesium) interfere in numerous physiologic reactions necessary in maintaining homeostasis through their enzymatic cofactor role. Many medicinal substances integrated in the formulas have antioxidant proprieties, reducing oxidative stress (excess free radicals in comparison with antioxidant), which is involved in pathological development and the aging process.

This line of products is perfect for your active clientele. ViaZen formulas reduce the quantity of products to be taken each day. Instead of four different products, only one is needed. This advantage ensures a better adhesion to the therapeutic protocol and helps getting results in a short period of time. ViaZen products are designed to be taken three times a day to support the body with optimal and lasting action throughout the day.

These formulas are presented in capsule form, which limits the quantity of non-medicinal ingredients (excipients and coating) and, from a clinical point of view, increases the products’ effectiveness by increasing digestibility and assimilation. Because ViaZen products contain no major food allergens (wheat, soy, corn, yeast, peanut, gluten, egg, dairy products), preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavours, they can safely suit a clientele presenting food hypersensitivities. Even in the presence of swallowing problems, ViaZen products can easily be used by opening the capsules and mixing their contents with a beverage, a yogurt or a fruit/vegetable puree.

Quality and non-toxicity are priorities for ViaZen Pharma. Analysis certificates guarantee that primary substances entering the formulas are exempt of contaminants, heavy metals, and GMOs. All of our products are made in Quebec, respecting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations, in a laboratory accredited by Health Canada. Products also meet Health Canada’s requirements (NPN pending for certain products).

I invite you to consult the spec sheets for more detailed information on the ViaZen Pharma therapeutic formulas.

If you should have any questions or if you require additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Roseline Gagnon M.Sc. Nutrition, ND.A.
Research and development
Viazen Pharma inc

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