ViaZen Health Programs

Natural health products and a healthy lifestyle pursuit: one does not go without the other!

Roseline Gagnon M.Sc. Nutrition, ND.A.

Although some people believe so, natural health products do not replace a complete natural whole food diet and the practice of wholesome activities. Rather, they are therapeutic aids to naturally relieve the discomforts associated with health disorders and support the body in its many self-regulating and self-healing processes.

In order to optimize this sensible approach, we must aim to curb the factors that contribute to the development of health disorders. This objective is the basis of the naturopathic approach. By adopting daily healthy eating and exercise habits, this objective will be achieved.

It only takes little efforts, which will be doubly rewarded by the results obtained. I know this through the outcomes achieved in my clinical practice.

ViaZen Health solutions

In addition to its natural health products, ViaZen Pharma offers health programs specially adapted to your needs and lifestyle in order to improve your overall health.

What are ViaZen health programs?

The primary goal of ViaZen health programs is to help you take care of yourself on a daily basis.

Our health programs include:

  • Specific dietary recommendations
  • Tips for a healthy lifestyle
  • A list of 10 simple “health actions” to carry out every day

Consult our five health programs: